Why sell your gold to NM Money online?

It’s simple, quick and easy to sell your gold. Watch the video’s below to find out how to turn your gold into cash, transferred straight into your bank account.

Checking your Gold

Having trouble identifying what type of gold you have? Don’t worry, here’s three simple steps to help speed up the process.

Is it Gold?

A visual inspection can help identify if your item is gold. Look for the hallmark - three numbers stamped into the gold. A UK Hallmark has three components, Sponsors mark, fineness mark (three numbers) and assay mark

Identifying Hallmarks

The hallmark signifies the purity of your gold. Numbers range from 1 - 999 with 999 denoting highest purity of gold. Use a magnifying glass if you have one

Weighing your Gold

A kitchen scale is ideal for this. Set it to grams before placing the item(s) on.

Why sell your gold
to NM Money?

  • We buy all types of unwanted and broken gold items no matter what the condition
  • It’s quick, easy, and secure
  • Simple online process of posting, valuation, and payment
  • Your best online sell price guaranteed on day of order
  • *Terms & Conditions apply

Frequently asked questions

We buy many types of gold items such as chains, rings, tie pins, pendants, bracelets, cuff links, earrings and brooches, no matter what the condition. If you are unsure about whether we would purchase a particular item feel free to contact us to ask.
Yes - you must be a minimum of 18 years old to sell us gold.
It will depend on the carat and weight of your gold, and the daily gold price. Our price guide will give you an idea of the value - click the 'Identifying my gold' question. For online orders once we receive your gold we will value it accurately and let you know the price, for branch transactions we will value your gold then and there.
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